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United We Stand

It is interesting how the dynamics of protests are. The point gets missed a lot because of people’s personal reasons for being there. Whether it is to be seen and heard by other people, to do something long lasting and memorable, or to just be there because you feel like you should.  It should be our duty to pave the way for future generations by challenging beliefs that aim to take advantage of us, but we don’t. We aren’t really willing to sacrifice the lives we have for the opportunity at something better. I think that is the biggest advantage fear has. It is the desire to discredit the effect hope has on an outcome. If one truly believed what they think, then the world would be a better place. Yet people cower behind their safety net of life. I just find it interesting because this plays a big part in the notion that progress isn’t really progressive because more words are spoken than actions done. So I’ll just remain quiet and continue to work towards progress.

Create and Conquer

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